Trial Databases

Below are the trial databases grouped together by topic. The trials are available for the month of January. After exploring a database, please take a moment to fill out the evaluation form below the database name. The information gathered in from the evaluation form below, will be used to help us identify databases for trial and possible consideration for purchase by KYVL. With thanks from the Collections Work Group.


Arts and Humanities

Database: Poem Finder
Database Description:Poem Finder on the Web is an online poetry reference tool for public and academic libraries. It currently has 750,000 poem citations and 70,000 full text poems.
Evaluation Form:Evaluation
Vendor: Roth Publishing
Database: World History
Database Description: World History FullTEXT contains over 160 full text titles which combine ABC-CLIO's highly specialized historical abstracts with EBSCO Publishing's scholarly full text content.
Evaluation Form:Evaluation
Vendor: EBSCO

Social Sciences

Database:State Geography
Database Description: Is an online database that has 50 state overviews that include state history, political, cultural, and environmental data. Includes biographies of all current governors and senators. Has images of state flags, symbols and landmarks. Also, has an archival of state documents including the constitution and the latest State of the State address.
Evaluation Form: Evaluation
Vendor: ABC-CLIO
Database: E-Psyche
Database Description: The e-psyche database contains thousands of records relating the field of psychology and related behavioral disciplines. Culled from over 4,000 journals representing nearly 1,000 publishers, e-psyche will also include dissertations, technical reports, newsletters, Web sites and conference proceedings.
Evaluation Form: Evaluation


Database: Computer Source
Database Description: Provides researchers with the latest information and current trends in high technology.
Evaluation Form: Evaluation
Vendor: EBSCO

Database: Computer Select
Database Description: Computer Select Web is a web based information product designed for IT professionals and students. It provides users a simple yet powerful search interface to effectively locate information on high tech subjects, companies or products
Evaluation Form: Evaluation

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Last updated: 1/16/01

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