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Our Mission


All Kentuckians will have equitable access to quality library and information resources and qualified, well-trained staff to support the Kentucky Virtual University as well as meet broader needs for learning, working and living.


  1. To work collaboratively to effectively manage the programs and services of a Virtual Library.
  2. To enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of resource sharing among Kentucky libraries by utilizing current and emerging technologies.
  3. To ensure universal access to a robust statewide telecommunications network with adequate bandwidth to support the delivery of multimedia information resources and services.
  4. To increase access to available electronic resources through cooperative statewide licensing agreements.
  5. To provide a core collection of digital information resources at lower per unit cost to enhance teaching, learning, research and public services.
  6. To prepare students, faculty and staff of Kentucky's educational institutions and the citizens of the Commonwealth to be full participants in today's information-based global economy and in the life-long learning process by providing services to develop information literacy.

Approved by CVL Steering Committee, July 30, 1998

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